Crash Landon's Epic Adventure of Physical Computing

Final project ideas

I have always loved wearable computers. I like the idea of being connected to the computer in some way to help make life easier or more exciting.  The physical computing piece that captured my imagination is actually a belt that told you which was north was at all times(article about it in Wired). It is fascinating to me that such a simple device can change how people perceive the world and how much damage it can do when it is taken away.

For my final project I want to create a wearable piece of physical computing. The two directions I am going right now are to create something like the belt mentioned above, or something to help people interact more with those around them. The second one comes from a shirt(from xkcd) that tells people that you are willing to talk to them. I think a shirt that tells your level of sociability at that time would be an interesting idea. How many more conversations would you get in if your clothes said that you wanted people to talk to you.  On the same thread is a skirt that reacts when it is touched(

These are the two different ideas I am debating on right now and hopefully will make a decision as to which way to go so I can focus more on the details. The following links are a few more projects I found interesting.


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